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BullDogPro Pressure Washers

BullDogPro Water Blasters are the toughest pressure washers on the market, built specifically for demanding commercial applications. Efficiently Powered by ultra-reliable, industrial duty motors, all BullDogProTM Water Blasters have premium tri-plunger pumps “cherry-picked” for Abuseability and Low-cost replacement parts; then they are plumbed for Reliability and Long-term Low cost. For serious commercial and industrial cleaning, you need serious equipment. For several reasons, there’s only ONE choice… the BullDogPro. We save you from wasted time. We’ve specialized in custom systems for almost 30 years, performing with the best reliability ever seen in this industry. Look at what you’d like in performance, comparing YOUR jobsite parameters.

Choosing options to YOUR applications makes each order a Custom system. You might need to consider Hose reels for faster set-up, custom tools for better detail or even instant-Capture reclaim to limit overspray or for WashWater control. But whatever combination you choose, you will at LEAST get reliability and Long-Term Low Cost. We’ve got your back ! ..and we really enjoy being “your Technical guy” ..Info is free. ..for more information, click the button below..