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Jerry McMillen, Founder & President

An Engineer's Life

"At 7-12 years old, I was fixing bicycles, appliances, and experimenting with chemistry and electricity. In 8th grade basic electricity class, I taught the instructor and classmates military-spec soldering, and was already building amplifiers and power supplies.  By age 16 was Ham radio licensed, and fixing motorcycles and ATVs.

Until the age of 30 I was intermittently involved with off-road racing and with servicing and upgrading Hot Rods and ATVs.  During this time I established my reputation as an expert troubleshooter.

The experience in electrical and mechanical abuseability was a HUGE start in my ability to retrofit and upgrade custom and pre-manufactured power equipment.  I've spent 45 years making power equipment of all types run better than before, be more serviceable, more reliable, and longer-term, lower-cost.  I've drawn on all of my combined experience to provide my customers with the absolute best quality in commercial cleaning equipment the dollar can buy."

Personal Mission Statement
To Educate and facilitate the commercially environmentally friendly, and teach Sustainability in every way. 

Personal Motto
Do something environmentally friendly with your business EVERY day.

An Enviro-Equipment Specialist

Jerry is the classic American entrepreneur. He started his company, Cleaning System Specialists, Inc., in his garage in 1986. He has engineered leading-edge pressure-wash systems, and the wash-water control equipment that has made it affordable for the outdoor cleaning industry to become enviro-friendly. Jerry shares his knowledge by contributing articles to professional trade journals and traveling around the country to lecture on Wash-Water Control at major cleaning association conferences and events.

Jerry McMillen has been a member of the Technical Standards Committee of the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association, and the Enviro-Compliance Council of The National Association for Professional Detailing and Reconditioning.

He has served as technical consultant to the Tennessee Concrete Association on pervious concrete cleaning, and assists local high schools in developing educational curriculums to prepare students for careers in manufacturing. Jerry has also provided Environmental Cleaning BMP’s (Best Management Practices) to several industries and municipalities across the United States.

Jerry currently serves as co-chairman of the Environmental committee of the United American Mobile Contract Cleaners Association (UAMCC), and is President of Cleaning System Specialists Inc. dba, exclusive manufacturer of –

                BullDogPro™ Industrial Pressure Washers
                Sirocco Performance Vacuums™
& Reclaim Filtration Systems

                VacuBerm™ Wash Water Control Tools