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How to Choose a Vacuum

How to Choose a Reclaim System

The Jobsite “Tells You” What it Needs


Seriously, just like walking the job site to see how much hose you need to bring, how much pressure and which chemicals to use, etc.  The jobsite tells you what it needs.

If you just need to toss a PuddleSucker down where water is collecting, our smallest vacuum can do that, up to 20 gpm at 200 feet.

If you need to put two of them at 200 feet in opposite directions, the PEV2 is the vac for you.  It's powerful 200 cfm and 145" water lift is truly amazing for running on 120 volts!  It can also run our 21" Vacuuming Surface Cleaner at 150 feet against a 6 gpm pressure washer.  An engine driven vacuum, like our SGV3-9, can do it at 300 feet (and v-twins are quieter).  Our SGV3-16 can run two Vacuuming Surface Cleaners at 500ft in opposite directions!

If you need to filter nasty stuff out of the water, filters come in many, many combinations.  Filtration for re-use is also available, and is great for cleaning large areas without a water supply, like parking garages, etc.

We give you MEGA-more dirt-load capacity than any other system on the market for the price.  We are the leaders in this industry, constantly improving and adding new tools - that's why we call them "custom systems."  Call or email anytime for a quote!

If brand name means anything to you, consider this one, as the most important in work-speed, simplicity and long-term / low-cost  Sirocco Performance Vacuums!