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The Wash Water Control Handbook by Jerry McMillen (e-book)

The Wash Water Control Handbook
by Jerry McMillen


            The capture and control of wash-water resulting from pressure-washer operations is both an art and a science.   This Handbook presents information vital to making informed decisions on acquiring, operating, and maintaining available wash-water control equipment, and also provides the background of environmental and legislative requirements which make wash-water control necessary.

            Established pressure-washer operators as well as new entries to the field now find that controlling the discharge of run-off from washing operations into storm sewers is an important and required addition to their capabilities.   Hence this Handbook is designed to assist both owners and operators to understand the requirements for run-off control, and to help in selecting appropriate control equipment to meet these requirements.   Since quality wash-water control equipment involves rather substantial capital investment and operator training, detailed information is provided on those features which contribute to good water recovery and long equipment life.

            Operator training in the proper use and maintenance of wash-water control gear is crucial, and the Handbook describes not only how to properly assemble and arrange equipment for various run-off situations, but also gives examples of some actual field operations.

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PDF Format — 19 Pages

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