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Sludge Sucker

Sludge Sucker

Dewatering and sludge removal tool assembly, modified version for use with LayFlat Discharge Hose (instead of a bulky suction hose).  Utilizes your pressure washer to create a Venturi effect that sucks debris (up to " in diameter) with great force, reclaiming up to 80-100 GPM!

● Beefy Powder-Coated Aluminum Head
● 2 Feet of Spiral Reinforced Suction Hose
● ¼” QC connection to attach pressure washer trigger gun / wand
● 1½” Hose Barb connection for LayFlat discharge hose (or any other hose type)
     ▪ Available with or without LayFlat discharge hose – Specify!
● Modified Nozzle for Extreme Performance
     ▪ Nozzle sizes #4.0 or #6.0 available – Specify!

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