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32" Double-Wide Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

Finance for as low as

32” Double-Wide Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

Eliminate over-spray while pressure washing shopping centers, flat-work, warehouse floors, tile surfaces, etc. production style! Sanitize with up to 250°F at 20,000 to 40,000 sq ft. per hour, and have dry floors in minutes! Crazy fast work speed – great for compelling demonstrations!

The MOST important reason to own one of these is “instant-capture” for controlling over-spray, but when you see your “quality of clean” improve too, don’t be surprised. The vacuum draws the water away from the spray area, removing the water-puddle, thus allowing better spray-impact and a faster-spinning spray-bar.

When the pressure washing and wash water control are done simultaneously, there’s NO rinsing required – and the net increase in work-speed quickly pays for the equipment!

● Triple-wide 32" vacuuming deck
● Powerful 2-armed spray bars for applications requiring up to 10 gpm, includes 
    25° spray nozzles and hi-volume connect hose.
       (use 2-armed spray bars with higher temp (up to 250°F) and reduced flow
       applications, as with interior cleaning where maximum capture is required)
     Optional triple 3-arm spray bars for applications up to 20+ gpm available at no          additional charge (includes 25° spray nozzles) (specify!)
           (use 3-armed spray bars for applications where work-speed & forward
           motion is required ..but even still high-temp is easier to completely reclaim)
      Uses ¼” MPT nozzles
      Includes 3 DYC height-adjustable swivels
      Specify nozzle size! (available in #1.5 or #2.0)
          (contact us after placing your order if you need larger nozzles to
          achieve the maximum flow rate of 20+ gpm)
Refer to nozzle chart for your specific application if you're unsure
● Triple rear vacuum ports (for reclaiming in forward motion)
● Inner and outer skirts (for preventing over-spray)
● Dual inlets for multiple machine feed, each with high-pressure filters (to insure 
   clean spray nozzles)
● Dual high-pressure connect hoses
● 1:3 Vacuum hose manifold with 3ea. vacuum connect hoses
● 4ea. height adjustable 4" caster wheels
● Includes partial mounting hardware with 2ea. 18" attaching arms
     ▪  Use as trailing arms for mounting underneath mower. 
        his surface cleaner was built to be or use as trailing arms when mounting   
        underneath mower. 
     ▪  Use as extension arms when mounting in the front of the mower.  This
        surface cleaner was built to be mounted under a mower, so if it's mounted to
        the front the driver must be extra cautious during operation, especially on
        uneven surfaces. 
     Custom application mounting hardware available (call for details!)
 Pictured with push bars, available for additional $199 (specify!)


Max PSI: 5000
● Max GPM: 20+ (12 to 16 gpm is best for 98% capture)
● Max Temp: 250°F
● Deck Diameter: 40"
● Requires 350-650 CFM 

**40" Triple Arm Available Call For Details**

 This is for forward motion reclaim only, because of this it requires less CFM 
     than a surface cleaner that reclaims in both forward and reverse directions.  
     It's also lighter weight and more compact (fewer hoses, etc.).
 Keep in mind, the larger the surface cleaner deck, the more it will dislike 
     uneven surfaces!  Plan accordingly!  Surface cleaners work BEST on FLAT 
► Lower flow and higher temperatures are MUCH easier to reclaim with, and is
     recommended for 98% instant capture.

                      ** THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM **

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