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F9 Double Eagle – Multi-Purpose Cleaner (1 gal)

F9 Double Eagle – Multi-Purpose Cleaner (1 Gallon)*** ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORE***

F9 Double Eagle is an excellent degreasing/general cleaning product that offers an additional purpose of neutralizing acidic products like F9 Efflo and F9 BARC.

For concrete oil stains in combination with battery acid or just plain rust stains, F9 Double Eagle serves two purposes in the pre-cleaning process. It will clean the oil off the concrete, AND neutralize battery acid while cutting the topical oxidation off of the rust stain. After application of F9 Double Eagle, the surface will need to be cleaned as with any other degreaser.

● Cuts oil quickly
● Safe for most surfaces
● Biodegradable
● Phosphate free



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