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BullDogPro Descale Acid (10 lb. bag)

BullDogPro Descale Acid Powder (10 lb. bag)

This industrial strength acidic wash is excellent for descaling heater coils and pumps. It contains concentrated fruit acid, which is much safer than other acids, but still needs to be handled with care and respect!

This acid will not harm any metal or plastic internal components in the pump system, but it eats the heck out of calcium and rust deposits!

● Descale Acid (10 lb. bag)

1. Remove spray-wand from end of hose.
2. Attach filter-sock to hose to catch debris.
3. Add 2 cups of acid powder per gallon of water in float tank
   (normally 2-5 gallon capacity).
4. Turn on pump to allow acid solution to recirculate
     ▪ DO NOT turn on heater – if equipped!
     ▪ Allow system to run until rust stops building up in filter sock – check every 15
     ▪ DO NOT allow system to run without water flowing, or while unattended!
5. For final flush, run system with clear water for 15 minutes down the drain.
6. Reinstall wand and check system pressure.

● Heaters should only be descaled if back-pressure indicates flow restriction.

● Keep this and all other chemicals out of reach of children!
● Always use eye, skin and respiratory protection. 
● Use ONLY in well-ventilated area.

● If ingested, drink plenty of water or milk.  In case of skin or eye contact, flush with lots of water.  Then contact a physician or your contact your local poison control center immediately!

● Store in a cool, dry place.

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