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Battery (12 volt, 55 amp-hour)

Battery (12 volt, 55 amp-hour)

AGM batteries have much more capacity than regular lead-acid batteries, including "deep discharge" versions. AGM batteries are more efficient, more durable for "bouncing down the road" on a trailer, and last 3 to 8 times longer.

They're FAR better for long-term / low-cost, and increase the reliability of your 12v system. This is the BEST investment you can make in a 12v system, in addition to using beefy connections. 

This size is perfect for running the whole trailer! Multiple pressure washers can be connected to one battery, without conflicting charging systems. In fact, at 15 to 30 amps, the more the merrier! They don't breathe corrosive fumes, so corrosion won't cause downtime.

Be sure to put appropriate fuses on each one, and one EVERY circuit that's attached (including hose reels, heaters, etc.), because safety is paramount!  And yes, we sell kits with fuses and all CALL for details!

12 volt 55 amp-hour sealed AGM lead-acid battery
      650 Cranking amps!
●  Measures 9.1" x 5.5" x 8.2" (L x W x H)

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