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12" Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

12” Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

Eliminate over spray while pressure washing sidewalks, warehouse floors, tile surfaces and more. Sanitize with up to 240°F as fast as you can walk, and have dry floors in minutes!  Crazy faster than mop and bucket on tile and grout jobs – great for compelling demos!

The MOST important reason to own one of these is “instant-capture,” but when you see your cleaning quality improve too, don’t be surprised. The vacuum draws the water away from the spray area, removing the water-puddle, thus allowing better spray-Impact and a faster-spinning spray-bar. When the pressure washing and wash water control are done simultaneously, there’s NO rinsing required – and the net increase in work-speed quickly pays for the equipment!

● Basic and Upgraded Versions Available (specify!)
Basic Version:
● Powerful 2-armed spray bar fitted with 15° #3.0 x " nozzles.
● Vacuum intake removes 90-98% of dirty wash water during cleaning.
● Stainless steel outer shell for added strength and rust resistance.
● Wheeled carriage for easy portability over uneven terrain, and minimizing back strain while the vacuum sucks against the ground.
● Requires only 90 cfm (but 3 to 4 gpm is best for 98% capture).
THIS IS OUR Upgraded Version (also includes):
● Easily detachable wand with quick coupler set to allow trigger gun to be connected directly to the deck for wall and countertop cleaning.
● High pressure water filter insures clean spray nozzles. 

Max psi: 4000
● Max gpm: 4.5
● Max temp: 240°F
● Deck diameter: 12"

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