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Soft Washing & Chemical Injectors

Regulator to Bleach Pump Install Kit

Regulator to Bleach Pump Install Kit

● 10ft. of ⅜" Nybraid Hose
     Cut as needed for soap (chemical) feed connection
● 10ft. of " Nybraid Hose
     ▪ Cut as needed for S.H. (bleach) feed and water feed connections

● 10ft. of 1" Spiraflex Hose for Pump Feed and Bypass Outlet to Supply Inlet
     Cut as needed for regulator-to-pump connection and bypass-outlet to
       supply-inlet connection
 1" Hose Barb "Tee" (not pictured)
      For bypass-outlet to supply-inlet connection
● Hose Clamps (for all of the above, not pictured)

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