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Bypass Upgrade Kit (for pressure-fed pumps)

Bypass Upgrade Kit (for pressure-fed pumps)

The #1 cause of pump and unloader failures is bypass overheat! Water seals work very hard to prevent bleeding against the plungers moving at up to 3600rpm. By upgrading the bypass line you increase the amount of water bypass substantially, adding resistance to overheating and allowing the thermal relief to actuate MUCH more accurately. Think of it as a “pump-saver.” This can yield 4 to 10 times the lifespan of seals in a multiple-user application!

● Tee with Adapters for ½” inlet pumps
● GHF Adapter (with screen)
● 60” Nybraid Bypass Hose
” F x MPT compression swivel (90°) for unloader mounting
● Hose Clamps
● Example image for setup
● Pictured with pump, sold separately

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