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30" Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

Finance for as low as

30” Vacuuming Surface Cleaner

Eliminate overspray while pressure washing sidewalks, warehouse floors, tile surfaces Production Style! Sanitize with up to 230°F as fast as you can walk, and have dry floors in minutes! Crazy faster than mop and bucket on tile and grout jobs – great for compelling demonstrations!

The MOST important reason to own one of these is “instant-capture” for controlling overspray, but when you see your “quality of clean” improve too, don’t be surprised. The vacuum draws the water away from the spray area, removing the water-puddle, thus allowing better spray-impact and a faster-spinning spray-bar.

When the pressure washing and wash water control are done simultaneously, there’s NO rinsing required – and the net increase in work-speed quickly pays for the equipment!

● Powerful 3-arm spray bar for applications up to 8 gpm (includes 25° #3.0 nozzles)
     Optional upgrade to 4-armed spraybar for applications requiring 
       8 to 14+ gpm (includes 25° #3.0 nozzles and hi-volume connect hose)
      Uses " MPT nozzles

● Deck comes with 8 shims for height adjustment
      Optional upgrade to adjustable deck available 
● High pressure water filter insures clean spray nozzles
● Quick-coupled trigger gun is for easy removal and attachment of spray wand
   without using ball valves (which are less reliable)
● Handheld “SideKick” wand for spot-cleaning, with conveniently located holster.
● Quintuple (5) vacuum intake tubes remove 90-98% of dirty wash water during cleaning
● Stainless steel outer shell is super strong and rust resistant
● Wheeled carriage provides easy portability over uneven terrain and minimizing back strain, while the vacuum sucks against the ground

Max PSI: 4500

● Max GPM: 14
● Max temp: 230°F
● Deck diameter: 30"
Ship weight: 50 lbs.
● Requires 350-450 CFM (6.5 to 8 gpm is best for 98% capture)

Keep in mind, hot water is easier to reclaim, and cleans much better than cold!

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