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Regulator 3 Chemical Mixing & Proportioning Station

Regulator 3 Chemical Mixing & Proportioning Station

● 3 Valve Version, for use with 
    Soap (degreaser, acids, etc.)
     ▪ S.H. (sodium hypochloride)
● Long Handle Style Ball Valves (for accurate metering), with –
     ▪ Check valves
     ▪ Cable clamp hose anchors
● Plumbing configuration 
           ▪ ¾" valves for water and S.H. and ½" valve for soap

           ▪ 1" hose barb connection for pump feed
           ▪ ⅝" hose barb connection for water and S.H. lines
           ▪ ¼" hose barb connection for soap line
● Assembled on a 14" x 14" x 3" Diamond Plate Panel (with dial plaques)
     ▪ Can be mounted on the left or right, just rotate!
     ▪ Inverted stickers available upon request if hanging upside down
NOTE: Pictured in old configuration, new configuration has water on top, soap in the middle, and S.H. on bottom.

¾” FPT 3-Way Poly Ball Valve
 Engine Driven Diaphragm Pump
     ▪ When purchasing for use with Engine Driven Diaphragm Pump, be sure to specify the diaphragm pump 1" outlet.


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