Sirocco Vacuum Systems & Accessories

High Power Water Reclaim for your Pressure Washer System

As you look any further… please know we aim to impress you with Reliable Performance, and Simplistic Serviceability…  A Long Term Low Cost and very Sustainable Relationship.

Value is about YOUR jobsite, YOUR profitability, YOUR WorkSpeed, and we aim to be your favorite supplier, and we’re told we are very Good at this.

These water reclaim systems are available for many levels of performance, ranging from upgrading from a shop-vac, to hydro-Excavating, to cleaning carpet or parking garages, or to flood restoration, applications up to 100gpm. It’s ALWAYS about Work-Speed.

Electric Driven Sirocco Vacuum System

Our Powerful Sirocco Electric Driven Vacuum for Water Reclamation

We have 4 basic configurations, but many options to choose from, as portable or skid mounted. With everything modular, let’s get you up to speed with a perfect water reclaim system.

The Sirocco PEV (Portable Electric Vacuum) series vacuums are the most affordable, effective, multi-function vacuum systems on the market. Whether vacuuming a warehouse floor, or reclaiming water from a fleet-wash job on a parking lot, the SiroccoTM PEV series with 3-stage Vacuum Motors will perform the job quickly and efficiently.!

The Sirocco SEV (Skid Electric Vacuum) series vacuums, are Beefy, effective, multi-function vacuum systems with belt Drive blowers. Whether you’re vacuuming tile floors, parking garages, or reclaiming wash water from 500ft up in a factory, the SEV electric vacuums perform the job quickly and efficiently.

Engine Driven Sirocco Vacuum System

Our Powerful Sirocco Engine Driven Vacuum for Water Reclamation

These systems are the most effective, multi-function vacuum systems on the market. Whether you’re cleaning tile floors, parking garages, reclaiming wash water from a fleet wash, or running multiple vacuuming surface cleaners at 500ft in opposite directions, the SGV gas engine & SDV diesel engine vacuums perform efficiently…  with Reliable work-speed…  for YOUR best possible profitability !

Our patented Vacuum WasteTanks with Auto-Pump-Out are specially designed to withstand the amazing suction of these systems, and still pump out automatically against the vacuum, at 15 to 50 gpm

Sirocco Filtration Systems

Filter Recovered Wash Water for Discharge to Sanitary Sewer or for Re-Use.

Our patented “Wicking Action” separation system is a very efficient filtration method per cubic foot. It greatly increases the amount of wash water you can process with portability, simplicity, and very low cost. As wash water is pumped from your wash water recovery system, the OilPhyllic fibers in the OWS separate oils and solids in the easy-to-clean tank. Output of the OWS contains much fewer solids, extending the capacity of the downstream cartridge filters. This system only requires simplistic maintenance, and has seriously large Dirt Load capacity.

Sirocco Vacuum Tools & Accessories

Get the Right Tools for the Job at Hand.

We carry every Vacuum System Tool to get the job done. Our systems are designed to be the most powerful, efficient and affordable systems for water reclamation. Here is a list of the items we carry below:

  • Surface Cleaners
  • VacuBerm
  • Sand & Water Snakes
  • Ruberizer Pillows & Booms
  • SandTrap & Leaf Trap

Click on the item above to learn more about the tools we offer in that category.