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Sirocco Reclaim Systems : Birth and Development

In 1994,a mobile detailer asked us for a more reliable, better performing vacuum. A week later, another detailer asked for a “tool”, to lay across the driveway for reclaiming wash water with his vacuum, as he washes cars in a beach community. The week after, Sirocco Performance Reclaim Systems and tools were born. Portable reclaim, and filtration systems were clearly going to be a challenge for cost and configuration, but with a foundation of experience we felt an instant advantage. We have developed Multiple wand systems…all with simplistic configurations for low-cost and easy serviceability.

We almost forget to tell you about our triple-step powder-coated frames…With a sandblasted surface, a quality coating can look nice for a dozen years with the water involved. Our Vacuum waste tanks, are coated the same, plus an over-seal at the bottom, for extra rust resistance… They are lasting 8 to 9 years ! With the beefy tank adapters, and stainless steel snap-locks, our “sports-car red” color theme is quite appropriate on these high performance systems. Don’t be surprised when you see the oil sight-glass on the blower, easy- access oil drain hoses and belt tensioners that acually work. We don’t cut corners on anything, so ask about our many options… as the list keeps growing.

We go WAY beyond “perceived value, at the point of sale”… We care about your application. We tailor our systems for reliability, and simplistic maintenance. You will save time and money every month you use these manageable systems, and modular filtration means you can bring what you need. You will profit along with the environment. We clearly aim to be your favorite supplier, especially in front of your best customer. We will show you profit generating productivity.

We specialize in custom systems for this simple reason.. You need it your way, for functionality with convenience,
and the best possible work-speed… You deserve value, and we’re proud to deliver it.

Call when you get a chance to go over details of your application. May it be a tool worthy of your favorite workshop, a Super-Duty tool for multiple-users,or for the most important clean-up of your career. We are leaders in this industry, that’s why we call them all “custom systems”. If “brand-name” means something to you, consider this brand name, as the most important in work-speed, simplicity and long- term- low- cost…Sirocco Performance Vacuums