Cleaning System Specialists, Inc. dba PressureWasher.net

is the manufacturer of BullDogPro Industrial Pressure Washers and Sirocco High Performance Vacuums.  All of our products are designed for peak performance per dollar through simplicity, serviceability, abuseability, and reliability, always aimed at long term low cost.
Tell us about your jobsite and, with our completely modular systems, we will fit with you the perfect combination for maximum performance at your jobsites.  With meticulous engineering since 1986, we have truly become the Hot Rod Shop of the Pressure Washing Cleaning Industry.

BullDogPro™ Pressure Wash
systems are designed with durability and ease of serviceabilty in mind. BullDogPro Systems must stand up to daily use for several years and wearable items are universally available and at reasonable cost. Customize any BullDogPro with a selection of frame styles, control options and accessories. Start here to begin the exploration.

Sirocco™ Performance Vacuums
Inspired by our customers, we have developed a full line of high performance vacuum reclaim equipment and tools. Originally designed to provide a stronger,better auto detailing vacuum, Sirocco has organically grown to provide a full range of tools. Ranging from tools which simply suck up water or dry debris to instant clean and capture, We never stop engineering because your jobsites, always evolving, tell us what you need.

Cleaning and Recovery Systems
Mix and Match Vacuum Recovery and Filtration Modules with existing or new Pressure Washing Cleaning Equipment. Fully customize performance options, configurations, tools and Control Options. Create YOUR system to work WITH you and your jobsites.

Once wash water is collected, the decision with what to do with it continues. This includes many levels of filtration for discharge or reuse. Depending on chemical, oil or biological waste content, the water may be allowed to be discharged onto the property’s landscaping. Or it may be suitable to discharge to the Sanitary Sewer (destination – Processing plant). A third option is to filter the water such that it can be recycled and re-used in your Pressure Wash System for most hard surface cleaning applications. Full Oil / Water Separation and particulate filtration allows for maximum Conservation, Recycling and Reusing of water.